Physical Changes Seen In a Steroid Abuser

Physical Changes Seen In a Steroid Abuser

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There is a wide understanding that steroid abuse leads to several physical changes in the user. Physical changes can easily be identified, and the person can also be suspected quickly as a steroid abuser. Few of the physical changes are mentioned below.

Unusually fast muscle growth

Fast muscle growth is the first sign of attractions for suspecting that the user is a steroid abuser. Users who have consumed steroids will certainly show a rapid growth of muscles. The results could be extraordinary if the user works out regularly.

Appearance of Acne

Steroid users will commonly form acne all over their body with them being more noticeable in the face and back. They are likely to turn red or purple in color and the user should immediately consult a doctor when they start appearing.


Gynecomastia is the condition developed in men where they develop large breasts which will eventually require a surgery to remove it. This is particularly an embarrassing condition for men and without surgical removal, this condition is likely to form cancer in the user.

Drastic shift in appetite pattern

If the steroid abuse is done extensively it would increase the rate of your metabolism. There will be certain times when you will feel extreme hunger while sometimes, there will be a difficult loss of hunger.

Disturbed sleep patterns 

Steroid users are likely to have a sleeping disorder. At times, the users might have insomnia, and will find difficulty sleep for several days, and at times the user will likely to have over stretch the day and will consistently oversleep. This abnormal effect is seen in their sleeping pattern, and will affect on the biological clock affecting their day to day activities badly.

Changes in fluid level (Face and body) 

Steroid consumption may lead to retaining some of the unnecessary fluids in the body, which leads to a puffy face and swelling through other parts of the body. Swelling in the toes is usually seen in the users.

Night Sweating

Steroid users are likely to have abnormal activities to happen during night time like sweating and having a low temperature of the body, despite the sweating.

Rapid or progressive weight gain

Steroid users show a drastic increase in their weight after the use of steroids making it one the obvious physical changes to be noticed. This type of characteristic attracts the bodybuilders toward steroids.


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