Review about Anavar Cycle for Both Men and Women

Review about Anavar Cycle for Both Men and Women

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Among the various steroids available in the market, Anavar is known to be one of the mildest steroid among them. This is also very much tolerated by women and therefore in various circles it is known as “The Girl Steroid”. However, it can be used by men too and can help them to get muscles with trimmed body. Anavar is perfectly suitable for cutting cycle and that is what most of the users want. It can very well preserve lean tissue and also help in increasing metabolic activities. Yes, it is particularly suitable for women, but can also be good cycle for many men.

Anavar cycle for bulking

Many male users may feel anavar a poor choice for their growing needs. This hormone may not be very well suited for the mass, but yet any mass that happens will be 100 per cent lean tissue and that should be considered as a plus point. In spite of being a very mild steroid, it normally takes sufficient amount of hormone to get anything out of it in terms of growth and being a high-priced steroid, it is not really considered to be offering best value for its money.

Anavar cycle for females

There is no doubt that for female athletes, Anavar could be a better choice as compared to males. This is well designed for females where you can get best value for your money. It is very well tolerated by women, but the sign of virilization can be seen, but that is very rare. However, if women use it in a responsible manner then they can be completely free from any kind of issue. During dieting phase, most women will find it to be a perfect choice and can develop right body for bikini use and also as a bodybuilder.

Most of the women will take 10 to 20 mg per day and continue for 6 weeks. Some may prefer to exceed 20 mg but that is rarely needed. Increasing dose beyond 20 mg may create probability of side effects. After taking 6-week cycle, one should give 3 to 4 weeks off and can again start a 6-week cycle.

Anavar cutting cycle

For men, it will be better to use Anavar during cutting cycle. During cutting cycle, it will help in preserving whatever gain that has been achieved during bulking. Men may take 50 mg to 80 mg per day, but never exceed 100 mg.

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