What you should know about Fatty Liver

What you should know about Fatty Liver

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Are you aware about the amount of fat in your liver? In event of there being five to ten percent fat existing in your liver, you are suffering from liver disease. You would be required to consult a doctor for determining whether it is alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You should be treated immediately if you were suffering from liver disease. ALD or Alcoholic liver disease has been the result of too much consumption of alcohol in the body. The liver could not metabolize the alcohol that you drink on daily basis. The long-term consequence of excess liquor consumption would be liver disease.

Risk factors involved with liver disease

The popular risk factors involved with risk of liver disease would be inclusive of iron overload, Hepatitis C, genetics and obesity.

High consumption of fatty acids

You could suffer from liver disease even if you do not consume alcohol. This would be non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. However, you should not fret. Even if you suffer from fatty liver, you may not instantly suffer from this disease. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that you should consider undergoing liver biopsy to be sure. The doctor would be inserting a needle and require small specimen of your liver. They would observe it under the microscope. In event of the sample not being damaged or inflamed, you do not suffer from liver disease.

However, you would be required to consider the best diagnostic centre for your needs. Among the popular names in the industry, you should look for United Surgical Partners International.

Should you worry for not having non-alcoholic fatty liver?

In case, you have non-alcoholic steotohepatisis or NASH, you definitely need to panic. The effect of this disease on your body would be similar to ALD. However, it does not entail alcohol. In case, you consider this scary, you should consider dealing with non-reversible liver damage condition. In event of you liver being inflamed, you should be rest assured for it to enlarge with passage of time. With time, scar tissue could form in place of the liver cells. The disease may lead to liver cirrhosis.

In case, you were overweight, you may require controlling your diet. You are highly vulnerable to develop NAFLD. People having diabetes and high cholesterol would require controlling your diet. In case, you were on medication or having viral hepatitis, you would require having regular check up from a doctor. You should opt for fatty liver diet.

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